Does lip filler injection pain? Filler injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

Filler injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

Lip filler injection is a method of using filler injected into the lips, helping to create a plump, attractive lip shape according to the proportions of the customer’s face…

Filler’s main ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA) – a natural substance that exists in human body. Thus Filler has the ability to perfectly shape and blend subcutaneous tissue in just a few days. The nature of HA is very benign, can quickly adapt and is extremely safe for human body.

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Advantages of lip filler injection

  • Non-invasive: Lip Filler injection method only uses a small needle tip to insert filler and shape the lips, completely without using scissors or any other invasive tools.
  • Painless: Because the filler contains lidocain (an ingredient that helps reduce pain) and your lips will also be anesthetized before the procedure, the lip filler injection method is considered very safe and painless for the patients.
  • Quick implementation: The implementation time of the lip filler injection is very quick, only about 15-20 minutes.
  • Natural: The beauty method of lip filler injection helps improve lip shape but does not reveal aesthetic features, helping you achieve a natural, moderate and not too exaggerated beauty.
  • Can be dissolved: If you have cosmetic surgery, you will have to have surgery again to return to the original state if you are not satisfied. However, for genuine filler lines, if you are not satisfied with the injection, you just need to request a soluble injection.
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How long does lip filler injection last?

Lip filler injections can last from 8 to 18 months. However, this retention time may be shorter if your body’s elimination rate is faster than normal.

In addition, some factors that affect the maintenance time of lip filler injections include:

  • Quality of filler: High quality filler will ensure health safety, limit complications and maintain lip shape longer.
  • Qualification and experience of the doctor: The higher the skill of the doctor, the more accurate the injection location, thereby helping the lip shape become more beautiful, natural and last longer.
  • Filler dosage: A standard filler dosage will ensure the correct lip shape, so avoid injecting too much dosage to avoid affecting maintenance time and lip shape.
  • Post-injection care process: The care process will significantly affect the aesthetic effect and maintenance time of lip shape, so don’t forget the notes from your doctor after performing the treatment.

The most chosen lip shapes today!

Russian Lip

Russian Lip Filler tends to emphasize the lower lip, that helps to create attractiveness and uniqueness. Popular with many people because the Western lip shape is very sexy, seductive and becomes extremely prominent when using matte lipsticks.

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Having this Russian Lip Filler shape is not easy because not everyone is suitable and there needs to be a certain amount of tension in the lips to create the most accurate shape.

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The Western lip filler injection shape requires the clients to have sharp lines, strength and a certain charisma. It can be said that this is the most picky of all lip shapes. However, if you have Western-style filler lips, you are definitely very sexy that all the guys will fall for you.

Cherry filler lip shape

This type of round lip filler injection is evident in people without a philtrum, creating a rounded curve in the upper lip. Round lips are also listed as one of the beautiful, plump lip styles that many beauties and beauty bloggers aim for.

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Round lips not only bring beautiful aesthetics, but this is also a feng shui lip shape that many people desire. People with round lips are considered lucky, peaceful and noble, and do not have many troubles in life.

That’s why, in the types of beautiful lips and cosmetic lip shaping, this style is always listed.

Filler injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

Currently, beauty services by fillers are very popular, but they spring up everywhere and many of them are illegal. However, to find the right quality place to have the procedure done, you need to carefully choose the skills and whether the person performing it is a real doctor? Where to get beautiful lip filler injections, where to get lip filler injections that are safe and reputable are probably questions that many people wonder about.

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A long-standing aesthetic brand is also a very important factor. To be able to survive and build the trust of thousands of customers, a beauty salon must have a certain reputation. Aura Clinic is lead by Doctor Lee Joong Hee and a team of specialized doctors. Since then, it has always been a leading filler injection unit, trusted by tens of thousands of Vietnamese and Korean customers, China, Japan, … trust their beauty.

At Aura Clinic, we always want to bring perfect beauty and great service experience to customers. For more details about the lip filler injection service at Aura Beauty Clinic, you can call hotline 028 5410 8018 to schedule a direct consultation appointment with the doctor!