Jawline botox

Jawline botox Slimming Jawline, Creating a V-Line Face

No need surgery, in just 10 minutes, you will immediately own a delicate and slim face with trendy V-Line lines. Botox to slim the jaw is the trend of NON-SURGICAL BEAUTY that is being loved all over the world.


Botox injections to slim the jaw are a procedure that significantly reduces the activity of the muscles to help create a slimmer face. A sufficient amount is injected into both sides of the jaw, botox will inhibit the transmission of "commands" from the nerves to the muscles, causing the muscles to relax and the muscle bundles to become firmer. Thereby slimming the facial contours without surgery.

Botox thon gọn hàm

Treatment Procedure

STEp 1

1 on 1 personal consultation


Ice roller

Step 3

Check originality & correct dosage of the product

Step 4

Process the treament

Advantages of Jaw Botox


Quick procedure, only 5~10 minutes


SImple treatment


No Downtime


Create beautiful V-Line

Recommended for:


Someone who has square jawline


Someone who wants sharp jawline


Someone who wants to find v-line


Someone who has overly built jaw muscles


Jaw Botox Q&A

It is a medical procedure that eases the aging and paralyzing muscle and relieving the facial wrinkles.
By relieving the overdeveloped muscles, it makes a smooth and beautiful facial line.

It reduces the overdeveloped mastication muscles and gently trims to create a sharp facial line

The effect of the Botox starts roughly 1 month after the procedure. The effect lasts for about 3 months.
Although the duration differs based on the amount of muscle and one’s daily habits, we recommend having the treatment 3~4 months apart.

Smoking is not a problem , but it is best to refrain from drinking after the procedure because of inflammation that may occur, but drinking a small amount of alcohol is not a big problem.

1. Since the procedure is done with a muscle injection, you may experience some stiff pain.
(Because the muscle treated is deep inside the face, an aesthetic cream does not work effectively. Thus, a refrigeration anesthesia is done)
2. Washing and/or putting on makeup can be done 2 hours after the treatment.
3. The needle injection may cause a bruise or the area being swollen. However, there’s no need for concern as it is temporary.
4. If you consume tough food excessively, you may experience pain in your jaw joint.
5. Botox injections can mostly be done with other type of treatments.
6. It is extremely rare to have a botox tolerance due to aesthetic procedures. Thus, there is no need for concern.
7. Exercises, such as swimming, yoga and others, can be done immediately after the treatment.
8. Because smoking or drinking after the treatment may cause an inflammation, we recommend drinking/smoking 2~3 days after the treatment.

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Dịch Vụ Liên Quan Botox Góc Hàm


Giúp săn chắc và gọn cơ tạo gương mặt sắc nét V-Line

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1,200,000 đ ~
Body 100 Unit

Thon gọn cơ vai, bắp chân, bắp đùi, bắp tay, giúp bạn sỡ hữu cơ thể thon gọn tự tin

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