Eyes Wrinkle Botox Injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

Finding eyes Wrinkle Botox Injection in Ho Chi Minh city?

Do you want to remove wrinkles at the corners of your eyes and recreate a youthful look without surgery? Discover the eye Botox injection service at Aura Clinic – the leading medical aesthetics company from Korea!

What is botox and why do we have to do eye Botox?

Botox is a beauty agent chosen by many beauty enthusiasts today, considered a “miracle” to help slim oversized muscle areas or effectively prevent wrinkles. When injecting Botox into the eyes, the eye muscles will relax, helping to reduce the formation of “dynamic wrinkles” at the corners of the eyes when squinting or smiling, thereby helping to fade wrinkles and create a naturally youthful look on the face.

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How do dynamic wrinkles form?

When expressing different emotions, the corresponding muscle groups on the face will operate and create wrinkles. These wrinkles will usually not be visible when the facial muscles are in a relaxed state, but will clearly be observed when doing some facial movements. That’s why it is called “dynamic wrinkles”.

And one important thing is that if dynamic wrinkles are not treated for a long time, they will gradually deepen and become “static wrinkles” – These are wrinkles that appear even when the face is in a state of rest and relax.

When Botox is injected into frequently active muscle areas, it will help these muscle areas relax even when expressing emotions, thereby effectively minimizing the formation of wrinkles. And this is also the mechanism of action of Botox eye injections.

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Eyes Botox injection process at Aura Clinic

1. Consultation and Evaluation: The esthetician will advise and evaluate your skin condition, wrinkles based on your beauty goals.

2. Preparation and Disinfection: The injection area will be cleaned and disinfected to ensure safety during the procedure.

3. Shaping and Evaluating Injection Points: The specialist will review the areas to be injected to determine strategic injection points for optimal results.

4. Inject Botox: Botox will be injected directly into the muscle under the skin in a small amount with high precision by a qualified doctor.

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5. Control and Adjustment: After injection, the specialist can check and adjust the dosage if necessary to ensure beautiful and natural results

6. Post-injection care: After the Botox wrinkle removal procedure, you may be instructed on how to take care of your skin and avoid activities that may affect the results.

7. Follow-up visits (if needed): Some customers may need follow-up visits to adjust dosage or take additional steps depending on their body’s response.

This procedure is usually quick and effective, allowing the customer to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

How long does Botox eye injection last?

Results last for 3-6 months, helping you stay confident with a youthful face. After eye Botox injection, you can completely have normal daily activities without worrying about any problems

Eyes Wrinkle Botox Injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

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Aura Clinic – Eyes Wrinkle Botox Injection in Ho Chi Minh city!

With a team of leading experts and modern facilities, Aura Clinic is committed to providing a safe and effective experience for customers. Don’t forget to make an appointment today with Aura Clinic to remove eye wrinkles and restore youthfulness to your face!