Remove Pigment - Laser picosure

Hot service” using new generation Laser technology, has outstanding effectiveness in the treatment of melasma, freckles, dark scars, tattoo removal, skin whitening.

10,000,000 đ ~
Facial Filler

Fill in the under eyes, cheeks, V-line, nose, forehead, with EPTQ Filler/ Juvederm Filler performed by Korean doctors

4,000,000 đ ~
Jawline Botox

Create slim jawline and balanced facial contours

3,000,000 đ 
Jawline Botox

(Performed by Vietnamese doctor) Slim jawline. Create V-Line Face

1,200,000 đ ~
Anti-wrinkle 3 areas (Korean product)

Eyes, brows, forehead, chin, side of the nose, bridge of the nose

1,200,000 đ ~
Body Botox

Shoulders/Calfs/Thighs/Arms (100 ui)

3,000,000 đ ~
Nose Filler

Juvederm Filler

Aquiline Nose, Curved Nose, etc.
Correcting nose bridge & nasal tip.

6,000,000 đ ~

Facial Filler

E.P.T.Q/ Juvederm Filler

Fill in desired positions on the face, making the face more youthful

2,000,000 đ ~

Eyes Love Bands Filler

E.P.T.Q/ Restylane Filler

Filling in the hollows of the eyes, creating a natural and attractive smiley eye shape

4,500,000 đ ~

Belotero/ Rejuviel Filler - Anti Wrinkle

Quickly remove wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds, maintain a youthful face

6,500,000 đ ~

Vitamin C Ionto

Helps brighten skin, slow down the aging process, regenerate skin and restore damaged skin

900,000 đ ~

PicoSure Laser

New generation laser technology

Has outstanding effectiveness in the treatment of melasma, freckles, dark scars, tattoo removal, skin whitening

1,900,000 đ ~

Laser Toning

Remove melanin pigments, helps even skin tone, brightens skin

1,200,000 đ ~

Aqua Peel

Remove demodex, sebum and waste products inside your skin pore

900,000 đ ~

Laser Dual Toning

Treat melasma, freckles, uneven skin pigmentation, make skin whiter and younger

1,900,000 đ ~

Laser Triple Toning

Treatment of deep melasma, age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone, facial redness

5,000,000 đ ~

Cynergy Laser for Vascular Lesions [Cynergy MPX]

Improve the red skin on the face, treat the condition of vascular lesions, red scars

4,200,000 đ ~

Aileen Laser

Treatment of red face in the dermis, scars, acne spots

1,400,000 đ ~

Mole Removal

Remove moles with different sizes at desired locations, painless, scarless

300,000 đ ~

Ice Cream Peel

Using 3rd generation PHA to help anti-aging, increase moisturizing ability, safe for skin

1,020,000 đ ~
Zero Peel

Clean the skin, remove the horny layer on the skin surface, make the skin healthy

600,000 đ ~

Increase collagen to help regenerate skin, overcome skin defects

1,800,000 đ ~
Aladin Peel

Reduce acne, acne scars, improve pores, regenerate new smooth skin

2,700,000 đ ~

Improve and create firmness for the skin from the inside, regenerate new healthy skin

4,000,000 đ ~
AQ Plus Injection

Remove excess fat at the chin, doublechin to help slim face

1,800,000 đ ~
RED Injection

Burn body fat such as arms, belly, … helping to keep the slim body

800,000 đ ~
body girl Group

Remove excess body fat (service applies to hands, belly, thighs) quickly, safely, painlessly, effectively, improve cellulite

1,000,000 đ ~
Hifu Body 100 Shots

Focus on destroying fat tissue, bring back a slim body

1,800,000 đ ~
Ulfit Body 300 Shots

Tightening, reduce fat, increase skin elasticity, help slim body

5,400,000 đ ~
Body Injection

Improve edema, fat loss, stimulate burning fat accumulated for a long time

1,000,000 đ ~
Lhaqua Peel

Remove demodex, sebum and waste products inside your skin pore

1,000,000 đ ~

Moisturizing, skin care, soothing damaged skin, skin regeneration

900,000 đ ~
Stem Cell Cryo

Services to regenerate, restore skin, moisturize, create elasticity for skin

900,000 đ ~
Peptide Cryo

Restore damaged skin, moisturize, create elasticity for skin

900,000 đ ~
Vitamin C Ionto

Helps brighten skin, prevent the aging process, regenerate skin and restore damaged skin

900,000 đ ~
LDM Regeneration

Skin regeneration, intensive skin moisturizing, skin rejuvenation and restoration

1,600,000 đ ~

Technology for intensive skin regeneration, rejuvenation and skin recovery.

1,600,000 đ ~

Ultrasound lift tighten skin, increase collagen production to help rejuvenate the skin.

2,800,000 đ ~

Lifting, reduce fat, increase skin elasticity.

5,400,000 đ ~
Duet RF

Stimulate collagen formation, increases elasticity, firmness and rejuvenation of the skin.

5,400,000 đ ~
Ares RF

Destroy the sebaceous glands, effectively treat acne, prevent acne recurrence

200,000 đ ~
Aqua Peel

Cleanse sebum, treat acne, blackheads, shrink pores

900,000 đ ~
Neobeam Laser

Reduces oil glands on the skin, treats acne, scars, shrinks pores, helps smooth skin

2,100,000 đ ~

Treat and prevent acne recurrence, tighten pores, regenerate new skin

2,400,000 đ ~
Aladin Peel

Reduce acne, regenerate youthful, smooth skin

2,700,000 đ ~
Laser Fraxel

Treat pitted scars, regenerate smooth skin, shrink pores, make skin firm and elastic

3,100,000 đ ~
Deage RF Needle

Promote collagen regeneration, Elastin, shrink pores, improve acne scars, tiny wrinkles

5,500,000 đ ~
Laser Agnes

Destroy sebaceous glands, remove bacteria, treat and prevent acne recurrence

5,400,000 đ ~

White Pearl Infusion / Cinderella White Infusion / Garlic Infusion

Vitamin Infusion/ Cocktail Infusion/ S.Multivita Infusion/ S.Multivita + Glutathione Infusion

1,200,000 đ ~
Mesotherapy anti - aging, provide nutrition for skin

Rejuran + LDM/ Chanel + LDM/ Exosome + LDM

6,000,000 đ ~
Noblex Laser

A high-end laser technology with deep impact to remove hair follicles at the face, armpits, arms, legs, back, abdomen, bikini, brazilian

400,000 đ ~
Diode Laser

Helps to remove unwanted hair follicles (armpits, arms, legs, abdomen, back) quickly, safely and effectively

100,000 đ ~