B.A.P Profhilo Rejuvenating Face Lift


Face lift rejuvenating injection with B.A.P Profhilo is "the first biological skin regeneration" technology in the form of injections helps improve aging and inelastic skin, bringing healthy and beautiful skin from deep within.

What is BAP PROFHILO face lift rejuvenating

B.A.P Profhilo treatment is a rejuvenation method combining biological aesthetic injection and Profhilo 100% pure HA.

B.A.P (Bio Aesthetic Points) is called biological aesthetic points. The new rejuvenation technique is minimally injured, only needs to be performed on 1/3 of the face to achieve results for the entire face.

Profhilo contains 100% pure HA (Hyaluronic Acid), no chemicals, safe and highly effective. This is an advanced method of lifting and rejuvenating the skin from deep inside regenerative approaches to bring maximum effectiveness from the outside

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Step 1


Step 2

Introducing the products

Step 3

Processing the treatment



Gentle on skin



Skin tightening, face lift, youthful appearance


Quickly recovery to normal lifestyle after treatment.


Boost collagen, enhances elasticity, tighter and stronger skin.

Who should do it


Clients with sagging skin, lack of elasticity.


Clients want smooth, tightening skin.


Clients want remove wrinkles, full cheek groove.


Clients want regenerates and maintains skin rejuvenation.


  1. BNV SMPF serum: includes a total of 53 ingredients (11 types of growth factors, 9 types of vitamins, 19 types of amino acids, 14 types including hyaluronic acid)
  2. REJURAN serum with main ingredient of salmon DNA essence to help moisturize, restore, and regenerate skin
  3. REJURAN HB serum, in addition to the basic standard of containing salmon DNA essence, also includes moisturizing ingredients HA and pain reliever Lidocaine to help make the procedure more gentle. Helps skin regenerate and improve elasticity, wrinkles and skin pores.
  4. CHANEL’s main ingredients are HA, 12 vitamins, 23 Amino acids, 6 Minerals, 6 coenzymes, 5 Nucleic acids, antioxidants and moisturizers, helping to hydrate, brighten and tighten the skin
  5. EXOSOME ASCE PLUS serum is researched and developed by ExoCoBio and is extracted from Damask rose stem cells – the most expensive flower in the world with high purity and rich nutrients with many outstanding advantages: 1008 growth factors , 373 types of proteins, 598 MiRNAs, help restore skin, make skin healthy, support shrinking pores, moisturize and make skin surface bright and smooth.

The treatment should be done 3 times, the first time is 1 month after the second time, the second time is 2 months after the third time to bring the best results.

  • After injecting B.A.P Profhilo, you can feel the effect after 1 week. Maintenance effectiveness depends on individual constitution, product type and care method.
  • Regular maintenance time is 3~6 months
  • This is a very safe beauty treatment, performed directly by certified doctors of. Aura, using imported official products, so you can feel secure about the procedure.
  • Avoid any impact on the injection area
  • 2 hours after the treatment, you can wash your face and apply makeup.
  • There may be roughness and redness, this condition will recover within 1 – 3 days, so you do not need to be concerned.

Bruises and needle marks will heal after 3-5 days, but you can use concealer as desired.

Khuyến Mãi Chưa Bao Gồm VAT


Profhilo cấp ẩm, nâng cơ, trẻ hóa da.

12,000,000 đ (25,000,000 đ)

Dịch Vụ Liên Quan Profhilo

Tiêm CHANEL 3cc + LDM
1 lần: 6,000,000 đ (12,000,000 đ)
3 lần: 14,000,000 đ (36,000,000 đ)
Tiêm REJURAN Healer 2cc + LDM
1 lần: 6,500,000 đ (15,000,000 đ)
3 lần: 15,000,000 đ (45,000,000 đ)
1 lần: 6,900,000 đ (16,000,000 đ)
3 lần: 18,000,000 đ (48,000,000 đ)
Tiêm tinh chất tế bào gốc EXOSOME ASCE 5cc+ LDM
1 lần: 6,900,000 đ (18,000,000 đ)
3 lần: 18,000,000 đ (54,000,000 đ)
Tiêm tinh chất BNV SMPF 2.2cc + Cryo
1 lần: 7,000,000 đ (19,300,000 đ)
3 lần: 21,000,000 đ (57,000,000 đ)

Sử dụng sóng siêu âm tác động nâng cơ, tăng đàn hồi và trẻ hoá làn da.

28,000,000 đ